How Schools Can Help Teenagers Get More Sleep

By: Breanna Switalski

February 8, 2019

Students all around the world are having trouble going to bed at an appropriate time each night. Whether it is studying for a test or an over load of homework, the work never ends. This is stressing students out and they are never able to take a break from it all.

Image result for school work

Tip Number 1: Teachers should work together to find the right amount of homework to be given each night. Students today are spending over more than three hours of the average time that they should be. Homework can be very time consuming and tedious. They complete a ton of work at school to only come home and do more. After a while the student starts to lose interest and quits trying. All of this homework is causing the student to stay up very late and they end up getting very little sleep. This is effecting how well they do in school and causes their grades to decrease rapidly due to poor grades.

Tip Number 2: The time that school starts should be pushed back. Students are going to bed too late and then have to wake up before it’s even light outside. Even if students go to bed at an earlier time, they still find themselves having trouble falling asleep. Student’s brains do not function as well at a very early time. A lot of what they learn is not going to be remembered which is why the students struggle.

Tip Number 3: Allow the students to always be home before 6:00 p.m. Most students play one or two sports which keeps them really busy, and doesn’t leave any free time. Practices are held so long after school that kids never get to come home at a regular time. Kids are being kept up past midnight sometimes because of how late they eventually get home along with all of the homework that they have to complete. This is also an everyday thing which is not healthy for them.

Tip Number 4: Give all students a study period. This period would allow the students to use the time wisely and get all of their completed assignments done and/or get the help that they need. This would give them the time at home to relax and get to bed at an appropriate time without having any homework to do. It could also help them get a better understanding of something that they may be confused on. This could really help take a lot of stress off students.


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