Top 10 Trendy Things

By: Sadie McCann

January 25, 2019

AIR PODS-  They are ear buds, but
 without wires and they connect through blue tooth onto
 your  phone or any 
 other electronic device that has blue tooth. They are  very convenient and now they have no way to get tangled!
Iphone XR- The iphone XR is what everybody is raving about. Many people love this phone and say it works very well.
Hippie Sunglasses- Hippie sunglasses are very popular, girls and boys wear them all summer. They are fun and look good with every outfit. They are very retro and can pull an outfit together.
Fur Coats- Fur coats are so cute and cozy. You can wear them with anything and they aren’t expensive at all. There are so many different kinds and colors.
Vans- Vans are so comfy and you can wear them with everything all year round. They have many different colors and designs and you can even customize your own. Vans aren’t very expensive and they have great quality. Definitely worth the buy if you are looking for a shoe to go with everything.
The brand Patagonia- Patagonia is a new brand that blew up. They have many different jackets and winter clothing items. They are so comfy and warm. Great quality!
Fanny Packs- Fanny packs use to be a thing in the past but they have made their way back. Many boys and girls wear fanny packs. They are very convenient and you don’t have to worry about losing it because it straps onto your waist or around your body.
Birkenstock’s- Birkenstock’s are the perfect sandal for the summer and fall. You can wear them all year around also with socks or just in the summer. They form to your feet and are so comfortable. They look cute with everything like jeans, shorts, joggers, and leggings.
Scrunchies- Scrunchies are very popular and look good with every outfit. There are many different kinds and different colors to go with every outfit. You can wear them in your hair or even on your wrist.
Champion sweatshirts- Champion sweatshirts are very popular and they come in every color you could imagine. They look good with everything many boys and girls wear this brand.


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