Bentworth Christmas Tournament

By: Madoleen Grim

January 11, 2019

GREENSBORO- Over Christmas break, on the 27th and 28th of December, the Lady Maples Varsity Basketball team competed in the Bentworth Christmas tournament. This year the Lady Maples won the championship round. This was a big accomplishment for the Lady Maples early in the season.

The Lady Maples earned a playoff spot during the 2018 season last school year, and are determined to come through even stronger this year. On the 27th, the team went against the California Trojans and beat them with a final score of 37-28. In the championship round they competed against Propel Andrew Street and won with a huge lead of 51-23. These were great wins for the Lady Maples to prove their determination early on in the season to intimidate the teams that are up next.

As of January 9th the Lady Maples are 4th in their section(2-2) and have an overall record of 4-5. After making playoffs last year only good things are predicted for their outcome this year in the season.

The ladies next game is tomorrow (January 10th) at Avella. Game time begins at 7:00.  Come out to support your school and players!

Lets go Lady Maples!


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