Not a monster, just a Pit bull

By Jordan Platt- Dice
March 12, 2018

GREENSBORO – When most people see a Pit bull they usually walk in the other direction or make negative comments towards the owner or dog. All this nonsense is usually caused over a big misconception. All dogs can be aggressive, but people often stereotype breeds like the Pit bull. Believe it or not, a Pit bull can be the best pet ever, maybe even the goofiest.

pitbull 2

In the early 1900’s, Pit bulls were known as “nanny dogs.” They are very gentle and loving towards children, so parents trusted them to stay with the children all day while they were at work. “Pits” tend to be very overprotective over children they care for as well as their families. In the past, this breed has served as mascots and military heroes. They were also honored by the government for being brave and loyal to their owners and government officials.

Pit bulls being known as being an aggressive, dangerous breed is completely incorrect. A Chihuahua can be just as mean as a Pit, if not worse. Humans cannot judge animals by their appearance. Most people like to judge a dog’s behavior by what type of breed it is or how it looks and this needs to stop. Just because a dog is big and muscular doesn’t mean they are aggressive. Terriers and smaller breeds tend to be aggressive canines.

Dogs shouldn’t be stereotyped, just like humans shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter what color the dog is, how tall it is, how much muscle it has, etc. If the dog is mean, it is mean. If it is going to be nice, it will be nice – end of story. A dog will react to situations and harmful things differently, based on how it was treated and trained throughout its life.

The problem is not the dog, its the people caring for it. If a dog was raised in a bad environment or aggressive environment, more than likely the dog will be hostile and non-tamable. But if you show a dog a bunch of love and care for them, they will do the same to you and everyone else they encounter through their lives. pitbull 3

In reality, Pits should be known for their hilarious personality and goofiness that makes the whole household love them. Many Pit bull owners have admitted they forget that their dog is an animal and have accepted them as much more than that. Many families take their Pit bull many places with them such as vacations, stores, and some even go everywhere if they are a therapy dog.

Another good aspect of Pit bulls is the intelligence they carry within, which they use often doing things such as tricks, commands, and protecting their fellow humans. Pit bulls just aren’t cute dogs who love to make you smile and laugh, they are a part of the family who will probably hide from a mystery person coming through your house and lose their mind to the sound of a cheese wrapper.

pitbull 1


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