New semester, new art projects

Madeira Halow
April 4, 2018

GREENSBORO – A new semester brings a whole new group of students to Mrs. Mechling’s art classes, which range from 7th-12th grade. Mrs. Mechling is always trying out new lessons that utilize different, interesting techniques to create various forms of art. From watercolor to acrylic, ink to pencil she finds a way to make each lesson fun while students learn something new.

The drawing classes focused on 3-D objects, vanishing points, and shading as well as drawings using one continuous line. Students had to use rulers to create precise drawings that line up with the vanishing point. They then used shading to make the images 3-Dimensional. Practicing one continuous line helps artists make the connection between the left and right side of the brain as you have to look at the object and keep drawing without lifting your pencil from the paper.

In her painting classes, Mrs. Mechling focused on the use of color. Students created some beautiful pieces with watercolors as well as ink. The theme of all the paintings revolves around how students used complementary colors such as red/green, blue/orange, and yellow/purple to make their art work pop.


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