Accurate autism analysis

By Timothy J. Cumberland
March 8, 2018

GREENSBORO – Most people today do not know exactly what autism is or what an autistic person goes through.  However, I would like to share some insight.

Before we get into the grand details of autism, just want to point out that I, the writer, am autistic as well. I will be able to clear up some misunderstandings based on the research I have done and by my personal experience with autism.

Autism is a disorder that can affect a person’s social skills, behavior, and speech. The disorder is on a spectrum, it can range from severe to mild autism. I, myself, am mildly autistic and didn’t find out til a couple years ago. The severity of autism varies based on environmental and genetic circumstances. People who are mildly autistic don’t have as many symptoms as people who are severely autistic. This explains why most people who are mildly autistic aren’t recognized at all as being autistic. My friends were quite surprised when I told them that I was autistic. At first, they didn’t believe me, but after a while it started to sink in. I couldn’t believe myself either, but the evidence was too great to push aside and ignore.


The symptoms of autism begin to become obvious at 2 or 3 years old. The symptoms usually begin with a child not talking, delayed speech development, no eye contact, and random gestures. These actions don’t necessarily mean that a child is autistic, but they have appeared in most cases. The most fool-proof way to get an accurate answer to see if your child has autism is to get them screened by doctors. The symptoms begin to become more clear as the child ages. The child will begin to do repetitive actions like repeating words or by rocking, spinning, or flapping.

Most children who have autism have difficulty in school, not only in academics, but in making friends. Autistic kids may get bullied because they aren’t social and they have random spasms in their bodies. The bullies have no right to judge these individuals based on what they have.

People need to realize that autism is not mutation nor evolution, but a minor change in the person’s view of the world. That view can lead to an entirely new world to us that we don’t see. People like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, and the creator of Pokemon himself, Satoshi Tajiri, have autism!

And look at what they have done to world.

They had amazing ideas that still live on today, so if they can make a difference in the world with their autism, then anybody who has autism can make a difference as well.

Steven Spielberg
Satoshi Tajiri

This article was written to show people what autism actually is and why you shouldn’t judge somebody because of it. You should look at people for who they are, not what they have.

Albert Einstein

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