Jr. High baseball added to list of sports

By Jordan Platt-Dice
March 7, 2018


GREENSBORO –  It is true, this season, Mapletown is adding a Junior High Baseball team to the list of Maples sports!

It will be a great opportunity for all the boys attending Mapletown who are in their 7th and 8th grade years of school to get ready for the varsity team.

The coach of this inaugural team will be Mr. Burnsworth, who is also a math teacher for the 8th grade. He will be assisted by Chad Stevenson.

Even though Burnsworth is the man who is coaching the team, he isn’t the one who thought of the great idea. Mr. DeCarlo, history teacher and high school baseball coach, is the one who deserves the credit.  So why the new team?

“To give 7th and 8th grade boys a sport to keep their academics up and prepare for high school baseball” – Mr. DeCarlo

By the middle of March, the team will be in session. According to coach Burnsworth, the boys will practice after school at Mapletown’s baseball field. They also play their games after school at 3:30 p.m.

Coach Burnsworth and Stevenson have goals for the season to develop the players with the tools to become a successful varsity baseball player in the future.

It may be Burnsworth’s first year coaching a baseball team – the first junior high Baseball team for Mapletown – but it’s not his first year coaching. When asked what it means to him to go from coaching Basketball to coaching Baseball, he replied, “I love coaching, it doesn’t matter which sport.”

Also, when asked what it means to be the first coach of the Junior High Baseball team, Burnsworth replied by saying, “I feel that it is an honor to be the first coach of Mapletown’s Junior High Baseball team.”

“I will help build the foundation for years” – Mr. Burnsworth








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