2 Hour Delays and Closings

By Chance Franks
January 25, 2018

GREENSBORO – As we are approaching the middle of winter, along comes the snow and miserable weather conditions.  Over the past few weeks, Mapletown and other surrounding schools have experienced delays and closings due to the extreme cold and/or dangerous weather. For some, these delays and cancellations can seem sudden, but many factors play in the decision making process.

So how is a delay or closing called?

First, superintendent, Mr. Pekar, says he checks weather stations (KDKA and WeatherBug) for any storm watch or future extreme weather conditions. He continually checks the weather to see if there has been any shifts in patterns in the area. Next, he will try the roads out himself to see if they are passable and he also contacts township supervisors to gain input on conditions.

He says the call could be a result of roads that are either covered in snow or ice, or could be a result of the temperature reaching negative digits, unforeseen power outages, water issues, interference with transportation, or flooding.

Mr. Pekar

Whatever the reason(s) might be, Pekar talks to many others before making the decision. “I make the call to delay or cancel after I talk to township officials, SEGSD administration, and other superintendents of neighboring schools. I strive to make the decision by 5:30 a.m., but if there were any late changes in weather or conditions, I will also make my decision then.”

Even though calls to delay or cancel school can be sudden, Pekar says the most important issue is safety – above all –  even if it means making a call later than the 5:30 a.m. “deadline.”

You can check most local TV, radio, and online news media for updates.  In addition, the district “One Call” system will give you a ring (if signed-up) and you can also download the SEGSD app from the App Store for current updates.



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