Mapletown art

By Brittney Howard
January 22, 2018

GREENSBORO – Students around Mapletown High School have been creating great things! Mrs. Mechling’s art class has been studying different techniques and practicing various skills.


There is always some sort of beautiful artwork hanging around the school, from paintings to glass work. The projects teach control and passion. Some of the artists around the school include Tori Miller, Kandace Mateleska, and Madison Buchanan.


Three pieces of artwork that stuck out to me throughout the school were a watercolor painting of an owl by Madison, a ladybug painted by Kandace, and an ink print of Mike W. from Monsters INK.



What inspired these people to make the art they did vary from person to person. From family support, to just loving the hobby itself. They all have their reasons for loving what they create. It teaches patience and respect.






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