Basketball midpoint updates

By Danielle Atwood
January 16, 2018

GREENSBORO – No matter how tough the loss is or how great the win is, the Mapletown Maples always continue to stick together as a team.

The Mapletown varsity boys basketball team has been having it rough so far with this season. With a team of 17 and a record of 0-11, their hopes are still high. Assistant Coach, Chad Stevenson, said, “we’re a young team and the future looks good for us, you know it’s not a race it’s a marathon which takes time and we will get there.” No matter what the score is, the teamwork on the court is always unbelievable. Coach said “we are improving and there are still games to win, it’s not over for us.”

Photo Credit: Mandy Walter (ABW photography)
Phtot Credit: Mandy Walter (ABW Photography)
Photo Credit: Mandy Walter (ABW Photography)

The Mapletown girls varsity basketball team has kept battling throughout this season. There have been numerous injuries but that hasn’t stopped the Lady Maples, with an overall record of 5-8. The Lady Maples have 13 players on the team, which gives them the opportunity to have a Junior Varsity team this year. Throughout the season, the Lady Maples have learned to stick together through the losses and injuries, which has made them stronger as a team.

Lady Maples Junior Varsity Team

Lady Maples playing against the Monessen Greyhounds
Lady Maples playing Cameron, WV





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