Be prepared: Blood drive

January 10, 2018
By Leigh Goforth

GREENSBORO – On January 19th, Mapletown’s SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) team is sponsoring a Red Cross Blood Drive, and we need YOU to donate.

Mapletown students in the SADD club have been preparing and getting organized for the upcoming blood drive. We have the date and nearly everything needed. All we need is donors. The goal is to reach 50 units of blood and there has to be at least 60 or so donors.

For every unit of blood, three lives are saved.

According to the Red Cross website, “The blood is separated into transfusable components – red cells, plasma, platelets and/or cryoprecipitated AHF.”  Red cells can be stored for up to 42 days in refrigerators at 6ºC. Platelets are stored at room temperature in agitators for up to five days. Plasma and cryoprecipitate are frozen and stored for up to one year.

These short shelf-lives are why YOU need to donate. Even in the summer months, you need to donate. Especially in the summer, as school blood drives like this one fuel most of their supply. Donation keeps thousands alive, and you can have them tell you where your blood goes.

One thing you may not realize is just how much goes into checking if you are eligible to donate…so listen up!

You need to be at least 110 lbs. to donate as an adult, but if you are 16 to 18, (16 is the youngest you can donate), you have a height requirement to meet as well. The height requirements are 5’6″ for girls and 5′ for boys. There are also many health checks to make sure your blood won’t make the patient ill as well.

The blood drive will be in the gym and we hope to see you there!

For more information, please see the Red Cross website:



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