The hottest gifts of 2017

By Chance Franks
December 11, 2017

GREENSBORO – It’s that time of year where parents and friends go shopping and buy gifts for each other.  For many, they want the hottest new toy or gift of the year. So here’s the top 10 toys/gifts for Christmas 2017. These gifts can be for kids and adults alike.  Hope you enjoy!

1.) FingerlingsGift 1 monkety
For those who want something cute, colorful, and small, get Fingerlings. These tiny little monkeys can respond to touch, sound, and motion, and if you blow kisses to it, it’ll blow one kiss back. A perfect and adorable little gift that fits around your fingers and are perfect for the holiday season. These cute little fellas will cost about $14.99.

2.) LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox BuildingGift 2 Lego

For kids and adults who have a sense of creativity to just build whatever they think…the LEGO building kit allows one to boost their creativity to the max. It includes 840 LEGO pieces, a Lego move hub, interactive motor, as well as a color and motion sensor. These tools allow you to build code and play with their creation of something very cool. This LEGO Kit will cost $159.95.

3.) Star Wars Drone Inventor KitGift 3 Star Wars

If you are fan of Star Wars and love building your own drones, then you are in luck! The new Star Wars drone inventor kit will allow your and your kids to build their own R2-D2 all by themselves. NO PARENTS NEEDED! The inventor kit has a step-by-step instruction manual that are easy and highly customizable as well. Each block is reconfigurable, meaning your kids can build their very own R2-D2. Don’t Forget “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will be in Theaters December 15th. For the price of this toy, it costs $99.95.

4.) Hatchimals Glittering Garden Hatching EggGift 4 Hatchimals

As most of you know, most of the original Hatchimals were sold out everywhere, so this year lets hope that there will be more in stock this year with a brand new line called “Hatchimals Glittering Garden Hatching Eggs.” Unlike the original Hatchimals, these Hatchimals have glitter in their fur, making them shine like little stars. You can train your Hatchimals to walk, talk, dance, play games, and more. These cuties require 2 AA batteries and cost about $54.88 each.

5.)  Soggy Doggy Board GameGift Soggy Dog

If you are a fan of playing board games and have a pet dog, then this is the game for you. The Soggy Doggy Board Game is a showering, shaking, wet doggy board game. You the player, with your friends, will have to roll the dice and race around the board without letting the dog shake itself dry, which will send you back to the start. If you reach the end without getting wet, you win. This game is intended for children of ages 4+ and is fun to play with the family. Fun to say, fun to play, this game will cost about $19.82 for each game.

6.) Super Mario OdysseyGift Mario Odyssey

Our favorite plumber boy is back and now has been transported to the Nintendo Switch with this being the most anticipated game of the year and Mario’s greatest adventure yet. Instead of jumping on enemies in a 2D world, Mario is now in a 3D open world with many worlds to discover with its new hat that will give Mario new abilities to travel around. This game is like a Super Mario Sunshine mixed in with Mario 64 as Nintendo’s highest game with Odyssey having sold millions of copies in its first week. This game, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, will cost $59.99.

7.) Call of Duty WWIIGift WWII

To those who want a historical war game with less SCI-FI elements and jetpacks, this game takes place in days of World War II. You as the player will play through war sites and ruins of the battle sites between America, Japan, and Germany. This game will have a single player where you play out the events of WWII, but will also have multiplayer where you can play against other players around the world. It would be most certain that this game will be the 2nd most anticipated game of 2017 (1st being Super Mario Odyssey) This game will cost $59.99.

8.) Xbox One XGift Microsoft

One of Microsoft’s most anticipated gaming consoles out, the Xbox One X has been hitting shelves and has sold over millions with it’s most powerful software to date. The Xbox One X will include 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, with visuals as beautiful as 4k high definition with an included Blu-ray player as well. Sure it might have a big price tag, but it will be the best price for an anticipated console in the past couple of years. This ultra console will cost $499.99.

9.) Nintendo SwitchGift Nintendo

As being one of Nintendo’s best selling consoles since the launch of the Wii and even beating the first year of PS4 sales, the Nintendo Switch can allow players to not only play the console in one place, but anywhere. The Switch can be played on the TV, on the go, anywhere, and that’s why the Switch sells like crazy. The Switch can play many games like Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, and many more to come later on. This family console will cost $299.99.

10.) ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501VS Gaming NotebookGift Gaming Set

(Be warned, this will be the most expensive gift on this list for the season) To those who want a monster console, to those who want a setup for true gamers, to those who want to fully experience the gaming phenomenon: this is the gift for you. This Gaming Notebook will have graphics even more powerful than the Xbox One X, powerful memory cards, and one powerful processor that makes Microsoft have competition. This set will also include a console, a gaming mouse and pad, wireless gaming controller, and a ranger compact case. This is one of the highest-rated gaming notebooks of the year, and if you have a hardcore PC gamer in your life, give this to them, it’s going to rock their world. This gaming set will cost $2,299.00

Well there you have it, those were the 10 hottest gifts of the year (in my opinion), but the story is not over just yet, for this Christmas, keep giving the gift that keeps on giving and have a holly jolly Christmas. However most importantly, always remember… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF MAPLETOWN AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT AND ANOTHER YEAR!!!


X Mas


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