Tech Ed: Technology for the future

By Brittney Howard
December 13, 2017

GREENSBORO – Recently, Mapletown High School has acquired some new machines for our Technology Education Program. Under the direction of Mr. Lewandowsky, Tech Ed uses the new laser and the vinyl cutter in ways that expand the learning environment and enhance student creativity!

The vinyl cutter can cut almost any type of vinyl. It cuts out stickers, decals, and designs for T-Shirts. Students can pick any design, and put it on a T-Shirt or make it into a sticker or decal.

The laser can be used to engrave any material. It is a muti-functioning machine, and can be used for many products. It can engrave anything into wood, glass, paper, etc.

When asked how these new machines benefit the school, Mr. Lewandowsky responded with, “Creativity: It has the students thinking outside the box on what they can create next.”

finished ornament
Finished Holiday Ornament cut with the laser machine
vinyl cutter
Cut vinyl for a student project

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